The first time my hands touched clay, I felt the magic of it. I was instantly transported to a new world of creativity, self expression and confidence I had never known before. Over time, as I mastered my craft, I began to feel a calling toward living the lifestyle my inner artist dictated. This calling led me to Vancouver Island where I endeavour to live in a way that respects our planet, all of its inhabitants and myself to the best of my ability. (If you want to learn more about my evolution while “Experiencing the Magic”, please read my blog here.)

My resume includes studying under many masters of clay from Canada and the USA, working in community potter’s guilds, teaching aspiring potters what I know and joyfully putting in my 20,000 hours of work, sweat and play in the studio. I have also written many magazine articles about creativity, holistic health and life in general and spoken to many groups about my passions in life. I have two books to my credit,Life Lessons in the Pottery StudioandLines on the 49th Parallel.”

Today I make every day a play day by balancing my time between my fabulous home studio and showroom, tending my lush West Coast garden, volunteering at two local Arts Councils and nurturing loving relationships with my family and friends. It is an ideal lifestyle in which to nurture the artist within.

My husband and I run a full time business called Turning Point Arts. He works in the digital world in his pristine studio and I muck with clay in mine (not so pristine!). We are having fun with our creations and love to welcome folks to visit our studios, enjoy our garden and purchase our goods and services.

Artist’s Statement

When someone chooses a handmade piece of functional pottery, they are acquiring a small piece of that artist’s soul. The maker has put time, love and energy into the piece that is permanently embedded within. It is a great honour to have my pieces become part of the user’s daily rituals of nourishing their family, celebrating life’s milestones and the sharing of their experiences around the dinner table.

When people surround themselves with things they love, whether it be a functional pottery piece or a beautiful clay artifact for their home, they are rewarded with a sense of joy and pleasure. What could be more important, as an artist, than to be a small part of that world?

Making art is a pleasure, making beautiful things for everyday use is an honour.