New Crystals!

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We had a great time at our studio sale last weekend, and as I had hoped, we created some space for new work. We want to thank everyone who came out to visit and support us. It’s always great to see old friends, new customers and neighbours. A lot of pieces have found new homes and our shelves are looking considerably less cluttered.

My goal was to make room for new work and lucky for me, I had a crystalline glaze load all ready to go.  Crystalline glazes are temperamental at the best of times and with its complex firing process one seldom achieves a 100%  success rate. But the kiln gods were with me and as a result, I have four new and wonderful crystalline pieces to showcase this week. Yes, you heard me right – only four new pieces in a kiln firing. Unlike a regular firing, crystals don’t like to be crowded – they need lots of space around them to allow for rapid heating and cooling that fosters crystal growth. They were all lovely big pieces and I am thrilled with the results. See if you agree.

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