Indroducing California Quails

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Raku California Quail

I have been playing with pinch pots off and on throughout my career. When I moved to Vancouver Island, I was entranced by these cute little guys who are abundant in my neighbourhood. I couldn’t resist making them.

The California Quail are recognized by their distinctive plume that droops over their forehead. They are a highly sociable bird that often gathers in small flocks known as ‘coveys’.  Females lay up to twelve eggs at a time and chicks are raised by both parents.

They often form communal broods which include at least two females, multiple males and many offspring. These multifamily groups like to run “nursery schools” where one female presides over the chicks and one male guards against predators from a nearby perch.

Meanwhile, the rest of the adults are free to forage, tend to their eggs or socialize together without the interruptions of the kids.

We can learn a lot from this cooperative society!

California Quail Family

I am introducing these friendly little guys for the first time this weekend at Island Arts Expo in Qualicum Beach. I hope you can come by to meet them. Brad (who is doing a photography workshop on Saturday) and I will be at the show all weekend, taking a little reprieve from our usual studio demands.

In addition to the California Quails, I am also premiering my new crystalline glazed jewellery boxes as well as lots of other pottery. Please visit us at  the Lighthouse Community Centre in Qualicum Bay, BC. on  November Nov 3rd & 4th. The show is open from 10 am – 4 pm. Entrance to the show requires a donation to the food bank. Refreshments are available and there will be many prizes awarded.

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