Stoneware pottery is functional in every way. It is dishwasher, microwave, and oven proof. My glazes are food safe. However, pottery does not take well to thermal shock – that is – rapid change of temperature. To that end, please avoid putting your pottery directly onto any heat source such as a stove top burner and always place casseroles in a cool oven to heat slowly. Gradual change of temperature is the key to long lasting pottery.

Crystalline glazed porcelain  is recommended for serving dry foods only. This is because crystalline glazes sometimes craze. Although this is a normal reaction to the extreme firing treatment necessary for crystal growth, oils can penetrate the crazes which will mar the look of your pottery.

Having said that, please feel free to use your crystalline pieces as service and presentation pieces. My crystalline vases have a strong and safe liner glaze so you can fill them with water and your favourite flowers with confidence.

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