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Peggy GrigorI always knew that, for me, clay had magical powers.  From the very beginning, it could transport me away to another place.  And over time, I learned to allow the power of the clay to direct me as I began to understand its magic. With time and practice, I discovered how to transform a lifeless mound of clay into a beautiful creation.  As my pots grew and evolved, so did I. I began to feel my spirit settle down, unwind and become more balanced.

It wasn’t until I started teaching that I realized that this magical power held true for everyone.  Over the years, I watched my students become enchanted with a strong desire to “make the magic work”.  I was witnessing more than a goal to create a pot. I was witnessing a transformation in the students themselves.

While distracted by the task at hand, my students often began to de-stress and relax. With the calming, non-threatening spin of the wheel, they started to talk about their lives and slowly, about some of their challenges in life. They learned that the studio was a safe place to talk and with the loving support of others who were soothed at the wheel, the process of self-healing began.

Along the way, they began to appreciate and take delight in their talents in clay.  It did not matter what their work of art looked like – for it was the experience of trusting and letting go that was reflected in their pots and as such, everyone loved their results. Their childlike delight at creating a piece of art was kindled and each piece became magical for them.

As I walked my journey as an artist, I learned that the maker actually embeds this sense of peace and balance and calmness into the piece, resulting in a permanent gift to all who encounter it.  I have since learned that this is true of all forms of art that are created with this loving presence.

I always knew that clay had magical powers.  I have experienced it and have grown from it.  And so, if you find yourself absently caressing a pot someday, you may notice a quiet, subtle sense of peace and balance within.  Relax and enjoy the feeling – let yourself experience the magic.





  1. suzy birstein
    October 30, 2015

    so very true and so beautifully expressed.

    • peggy
      November 2, 2015

      Thanks Suzy – I know you feel the magic in your wonderful creations!



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