About the Classes:

I am currently taking some time off from teaching experiencial classes.

However, I am available to conduct workshops at my studio or your art group’s venue. To discuss possible topics and curriculums, please feel free to contact me to discuss options.

Workshops consist of talks and demos to a group that you put together. This is not a ‘hands on’ format. Workshop length and content will be custom designed to suit your group.

Possible Topics for 2 hour, 3 hour or 1/2 day workshops:

Beginner Wheel – demos and discussions on techniques, form and proper finishing.

Intermediate wheel– focus can be on a specific form such as bowls, plates

Advanced wheel – centering larger pieces, casseroles or teapots.

Finishing elements – Lids, handles and knobs – joining and placement with an eye to function and comfort.

Please send me an email to discuss your group’s needs.

– Or call Peggy at             250-416-1411