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Peggy GrigorIn my last blog entry, I mentioned that I have renovated my studio, and part of that process was to sell off all my extra pottery wheels. Since then, I have received quite a few comments from former students asking what my plans are for teaching pottery. In addition, I receive regular requests from newbies looking for instruction.

Here is my plan…

After many years of teaching, I have decided to close my studio to students. It’s not that I haven’t loved the experience. I enjoy teaching and meeting new folks, sharing my passion and helping new potters learn the ropes. It’s just that I have decided to dedicate my studio to my own creative process for awhile.

That’s not to say I will never teach again. I do not intend to emerge myself into the depths of my studio and disappear forever! Instead, I am now offering focused workshops for groups of potters. What’s the difference between and class and a workshop? Workshops consist of  a group that you put together, who share a common desire to learn a specific skill in clay. I will come to you, or you will come to me and I will give you an indepth education on that specific skill. Needless to say, these sessions are for those who have access to their own equipment so they can go away and practice what they learn.

This new format will revolve around talks and demonstrations that can be conducted in my studio or other art group venues. I have put together several suggestions of topics for these seminars, but I am more than happy to discuss YOUR needs and put together a program that makes sense to your group’s needs.

I am excited about all the changes happening in my life and career right now. By offering these workshops and seminars, I will have the time I need to dedicate to those changes. Students will benefit by learning in a group situation where we can really explore a specific skill in clay, whether it be at the beginner level or more advanced one.

So come on by to my studio to chat – I will be there most weekdays – and if you have a group of pottery enthusiasts, let’s talk about booking a special workshop for you and your colleagues on a topic of your choice.

See you soon and thanks for reading my blog!


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  1. Kate Marsh
    February 2, 2014

    Hi Peggy

    If you get a group approach you and they are open to it, I’d like to be able to join in.

    Hope these days bring you lots of creativity as you claim your studio space for your own.

    ~ Kate


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